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dancing with a tuk tuk

I remember

a moment when I feel the

wall of pungent smog hit my nose

and the sounds of the tuk-tuk engine,

loud and grumbly,

purring with the pulse of the streets,

Motos zipping through and around

in an orchestrated dance with the dogs,

and the people,

and the trucks,

and the carts full of exotic fried food on a stick…

and then different smells hit my nose and every new intersection

is a place I’ve never been before, seen before,

smelled before…




fascination and awe

in the sheer craziness that appears at first,

but then

I notice that this dance is superbly practiced and perfected…

like a melody

with depths of chords and dischords that sound like

a somber jazz piece

and the crescendo of a breathtaking symphony

and a death metal guitar riff…

all tumbling…

towards the same place…

the destination we all seek…

and I wrap my thin scarf around my nose and mouth

trying to minimize the amount of toxic fumes I inhale as we,

my Tuk-Tuk driver and I,

barrel through clouds of industry…

mesmerized, enthralled,

dancing in my soul…

my heart beating with the rhythm of the foreign street…

3 comments on “dancing with a tuk tuk

  1. Romantic Dominant
    April 10, 2012

    I really like this. Redolent with a foreign land

    • Scienspiration
      April 10, 2012

      Thank you!

  2. I loved it, Smell in the States is under used, here every few blocks you catch a new wiff and sometimes follow your nose to a amazing meal.

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