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I-70 Haiku – the bitter replacement

I wrote a haiku

The best I’ve ever written

The dog chewed it up


There is a place in the Utah desert where Interstate 70 begins.   Having grown up in a town that straddles the I-70 conduit through middle america, I feel a special sentimentality to this road because I know it will always lead me home.

The rolling high desert horizon painted with fragrant sage bush once inspired me to quickly scribble ‘I-70 Haiku’ into the margins of my road atlas.  It came to me like a flash of lightning.  To date, it is my favorite haiku.

My puppy destroyed the road atlas before I could transcribe the piece.

2 comments on “I-70 Haiku – the bitter replacement

  1. Joan
    January 11, 2013

    Love and detachment entangling their tendrils in and ’round your heart! Fortunately you are a replenishable fountain of creativity. Great blog entry!

  2. Mike
    February 15, 2013

    Your dog looks happy and you obviously haven’t lost the art. All is well – QED

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